Here are what people are saying about the Historic Neirs Tavern. Leave your comments and we’ll put it up. Heck make a video and put it on youtube. We might just put a link on Neirs website.

This is my NEW home in Woodhaven! Good food + good people= good times!

Tracy Behling

Had the strip steak. It was perfect.


Tracey Gallagher

I have always went in the evening but took my son for lunch yesterday and was really happy I did. He loved the food and got to see some friends while there. Never thought about it being a place to bring him but in the afternoon it is quiet and you are far enough away from the bar that it is still quiet.

James Montgomery said:

My first trip to Neir’s last night – good company, ice cold beer and a great band. What a find! Can’t wait to go back.

JoAnn Pomona said:

As a little girl in the 50’s I spent many Sun. afternoons at Neirs with my parents,sister,grandparents, aunt, uncles, and cousins. It was a fun time. My Uncle Joe Daetsch was a pin boy there as a teenager. My grandparents spent there Sundays there with their kids in the 30’s. The Famly had Sunday dinner at home and went to Neirs for a coldcut supper and pitchers of beer. When I was at the movies watching Goodfellas I recognized the bar as Neirs the minute I saw the mob walk in!

JoAnn Pomona said:

Spent many a happy Sunday afternoon here in the 1950’s with my Parents, Grandparents, Aunt and Uncles. My Uncle, Joe Daetsch worked as a pin boy in the late 30’s. While watching Goodfellas – I knew it was Neirs from the minute Henry Hill and Tommy walked into the bar. The Christmas Party scene made it definite. Three generations of Pomonas enjoyed Neirs.

Alex of Tomcat and the Whiskey Rats said:

We all had a great time. Thanks for hosting the band. Look forward to doing it again…. cheers Alex

Maia Lee said:

Hey David! One day I will be here for a beer with you! Lots of love Maia

Anthony Wines said:

What a great place lot of history and very cozy place feels like home.

Brendan McGinley said:

Started going to Neir’s after I moved to Woodhaven in ’05, but not often enough for my liking. The rehab job done this year is fantastic. It’s great to see, for once, someone update for the future with respect for the past.