Check this off your bucket list. How often can some one say they have performed where WC Fields hung out, where Mae West got her start, where the award winning Goodfellas was filmed or even performed in one of the oldest taverns in the United States?! Well this is your chance. If you have a loyal following of over 25 people to join our awesome Neirs customers ┬áthen we can rock this place! This is an awesome venue because, unlike those big venue where even if you bring 100 people it still looks empty, Neirs is beautifully cozy and homely enough that we ┬ádon’t have you guarantee over 100 people to perform here. We just ask you bring your closest 30 friends, family and fans to see how awesome you are on stage and discover “The most famous bar you’ve never heard of” at Neirs Tavern!

For your effort of bringing 30 awesome folks in addition to our awesome customers we will give you an awesome percentage of whatever they buy. See, We give to those who give. Don’t worry if invited all 200 plus people out to see you and they unfortunately less than 30 or even just 10 were able to make it, at least we had a great time! Because in the end its all about the passion and love first then everything else.



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