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After witnessing hundreds of people from across America and the world visiting Historic Neir’s Tavern to recreate the iconic Goodfellas scene filmed at Neir’s Tavern, Loycent decided to attach a fundraiser to it so he can help an employee’s mom who was struggling with breast cancer. 

Almost every year he’s used the Neir’s Tavern Goodfellas Challenge, that often now gain a lot of attention on social media during the Holiday season, to raise funds or awareness for a cause.

This year embolden by another Goodfellas Challenge post that gained nearly 500,000 views, Loycent thought this viral posts should be used for something meaningful.

So, this year the owner, Loycent Gordon, being a Jamaican watching fellow Jamaican and award winning anchor Ruschell Boone battle pancreatic cancer, decided to use this year’s Goodfellas challenge to raise funds and awareness for Pancreatic Cancer Research.

“After communicating with Ruschell a few months ago, I donated $500 to fund the cure. But I thought maybe i can do more. So I decided to use the annual Goodfellas Challenge to honor Ruschell, a fellow Jamaican, by dedicating this Goodfellas Challenge to her battle and all those who have battled this terrible diagnosis”

Neir's Tavern Goodfellas challenge finalists

We have 4 finalists you can vote for

1-Richie and Addy

2-Ariel Palitz

3-Greg Heinrich Photo

4-Cecilia Vaicels

How to participate?  Come In, Donate, Vote

1-Come In (do the challenge if you like!)

2-Donate (suggested $10 donation per vote- in honor of Ruschell Boone.

Show the Team you donated and get a voting ticket

Or send email to with your vote and we’ll drop you name and vote in the jar!

3-Vote (put your number choice along with your name in the jar)

We’ll tally the vote and announce the winner of the Goodfellas Challenge in February!

BONUS! EVERYONE who votes will receive a COMPED APPETIZER OR GIFT after we announce the winner!

Please help me support Pancreatic Cancer Research by making a donation through our page. The process is fast, easy and secure. Thanks so much for your support… and please don’t forget to send this page to any friends you think might be interested!

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